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Label Stories: 10 Years of Inner Ocean Records, Transitioning to Streaming and the Value of Physical Products (Vinyls and Cassette Tapes) in 2022

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In our new Fox Tales episode we welcome Inner Ocean's founder Cory Giordano. We go over label's 10 years history and the transition to digital straming, some remarkable moments and we deep-dive into the value of doing physical products (vinyls, cassette tapes and merch).


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Show Notes

[2:20] The early days of Inner Ocean

[09:11] The value of physical products

[15:55] The environmental impact of physical products & Anjunadeep’s example

[18:35] Physical products and digital streaming

[19:50] Singles vs album releases

[22:02] Curation at Inner Ocean

[26:45] Submissions

[31:50] Team setup and behind-the-scenes

[34:05] Inner Ocean artist careers

[36:30] Working exclusively vs non-exclusively with artists

[42:50] On long-term success, growth and Questlove’s manager story

[49:45] On the tough side of a running a label

[58:40] Doing physical products during COVID

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