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Artist Stories: Carmody on Debut Album Imperfect Constellations, Poetry, and Grief

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Today’s Artist Story episode of Fox Tales is a really special one.

We found Carmody back in 2014 with her delightful first EP with Tom Misch called Out to Sea and completely fell in love with her voice and storytelling. You might also know her from her other wonderful releases like Skin, My Jupiter & Catching Blue, or from her collaborations with Connor Albert, edbl, or Alfa Mist.

She dropped by for a chat to talk about her debut album Imperfect Constellations that just got its Deluxe Version released, and to share about her experience with alternative therapy and about her love for poetry.


» Carmody (@thisiscarmody)

» Stereofox (@wearestereofox)

» host (@atanas.kutsev)

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Show Notes

[02:58] On the most random places for song ideas

[03:52] On the name of Imperfect Constellations

[05:57] On finally having a debut album out in the open

[07:45] On the personal topics of the album

[10:04] On the album rollout

[11:54] On the track order of the album

[13:11] On the symbols in the artwork

[15:14] On alternative therapy

[17:20] On mental health in the music industry

[19:50] On “Morning”

[24:28] On “Hurricane” & the gap between generations

[27:31] On “Memory” with Alfa Mist & Laura Misch

[29:10] On releasing a Deluxe version of Imperfect Constellations

[31:35] On relationships & technology

[34:44] On poetry

[37:55] On her creative process

[40:14] On working with Tom Misch

[43:13] On Out To Sea EP

[46:02] On her collab dynamics with Tom

[48:53] On working with Marie Dahlstrom

[50:08] On dream collaborator

[52:02] On what to expect next

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