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Artist Stories: Moods on Instrumental Hip Hop, Live Recording an Album & How Music “Ruined” His Life

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Today, we’re doing another Artist Story and we don’t even know where to begin with introducing our guest.

Nick Lubbersen, or Moods, is a Rotterdam-based producer whom you most probably know either from his instrumental hip hop piece “Love Is Real” which skyrocketed to more than 30 million streams on Spotify, or from his numerous amazing remixes for the likes of Ta-ku, Poldoore & Two Another.

Earlier this year, he released his sophomore album with the peculiar name Music Ruined My Life via Boogie Angst and we got together to find out exactly how music ruined his life.


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Show Notes

[02:48] On favourite thing to do besides music

[04:07] On how he got involved with music

[06:56] On “Organic” with SIAM

[10:08] On why he chose Moods for his moniker

[11:30] On why “Music Ruined My Life”

[14:02] On drawing

[17:03] On the live-recorded approach for the album

[19:44] On the genre direction of the album

[22:22] On Music Ruined My Life vs. Zoom Out

[23:38] On whether listeners accept more sophisticated music

[26:41] On the album mini-documentary

[28:18] On vinyls

[30:42] On instrumental hip hop vs. remixes

[33:44] On collaborations

[36:52] On when Logic sampled his music

[38:38] On the chillhop genre

[44:06] On advice for emerging artists

[45:22] On future plans

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