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Artist Stories: Oscar Jerome on Sophomore Album The Spoon, Melancholy, and Performing Live

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Our next Artist Stories episode is with someone we’ve been fans of for many years - ever since his 2016 “Give Back What You Stole From Me”.

Oscar Jerome is a UK singer, guitarist, and composer who’s been involved with music since a very young age. He’s got a pretty signature blend of jazz & soul that you have most probably already heard in his acclaimed songs “Do You Really” & “Gravitate”.

He just released his sophomore album called The Spoon which took a more cinematic & melancholic approach and he stopped by for a chat to give us some details about it and to also share stories about his creative process, touring with Kamasi Washington and the Blue Note: Reimagined project.


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Show Notes

[03:29] On random non-music fact

[04:16] On singing & playing the guitar

[05:50] On the Pandemic

[08:18] On creating The Spoon and the new sonic direction

[11:22] On 1st single “Sweet Isolation”

[15:04] On the Metropole Orkest version

[17:05] On song length and staying true to yourself

[22:30] On 2nd single “Berlin 1” & shooting the music video

[28:38] On the two personas in the album - Jerry & Ice Guycicle

[34:44] On cancel culture

[36:48] On title track “The Spoon”

[39:30] On poetry

[41:40] On his IG feed

[42:41] On breaking down gender roles, toxic masculinity & ego

[46:16] On heavy metal music & its connection with jazz

[51:09] On playing live vs. working in the studio

[53:43] On touring with Kamasi Washington

[55:02] On dream collaborator & to play live with

[56:16] On Blue Note: Reimagined II

[59:20] On “Gravitate”

[01:01:24] On debut album Breathe Deep

[01:03:20] On advice for emerging artists

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