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DJ Kitsune on Balancing As a Way of Surviving in the Music Industry, The German Hip Hop and Beat / Lofi Scene and Curation as an Editor for TIDAL

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We’re beyond happy to welcome Philipp Senkpiel AKA DJ Kitsune on our podcast. The German DJ, music producer, label owner and editor at TIDAL shares his journey through various fields of the music industry and goes back to his early days as a DJ in Frankfurt. We also touch upon the difference between DJ-ing and curating playlists and how fluid genres have become nowadays.

In this hour-long conversation, we also discuss the foundations, growth and strength of the German Hip Hop and Instrumental Beat scene, the rise of new sounds from South America (Latino Music), Africa (afrobeats) and Asia (k-pop)his way of making it and surviving in the music industry all these years, and last, but not least - a few of his guidelines when comes to managing artists, running your own label and publishing company.


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Show Notes

[4:40] basketball, NBA season and working hard

[5:50] multi-tasking and how this helps keep going in the music industry

[7:45] the importance of balance and mental health

[10:10] the weight load on young music stars these days

[13:00] growing up, touring and performing in the 90s and 00s

[15:10] on early days and the start of his DJ career

[22:30] Doing for an artist vs club doing

[24:10] joining TIDAL as editor and approach to curating music

[27:50] advice on getting noticed by TIDAL editors

[32:10] the evolution genres nowadays

[36:30] how are the TIDAL Rising playlists curated

[39:30] direct-to-fan payment system

[42:20] the return of physical products

[45:10] the strength of German hip hop culture and instrumental / lofi hip hop scene

[52:10] genre influences on new producers

[53:45] the rise of k-pop and latin music and their spillover to other genres

[1:03:15] the most important business advice in running a music industry company

[1:12:45] learning guitar and Prince’s playlist on TIDAL

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