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US Beatmaker Xander. on New Album Bliss, The Importance of Collaboration & Working with Meek Mill

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In our new episode we had the pleasure of talking to US producer xander. on the release day of his new album Bliss. We cover the creative process behind and and how it all came to be, his journey from picking up Fruity Loops to working with Meek Mill and building up his followership in recent years.

Shoutout to all the amazing people mentioned in the podcast!


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Podcast notes

[1:26] Moving to Boston and the beat/culture scene there

[3:12] The Xander sound

[5:17] The new Bliss album creative process and release journey

[11:20] On playing instruments

[13:10] The importance of collaboration

[18:24] On meeting his collaborators

[24:32] Drumming and early days of producing music

[26:30] On getting triple gold certified and working with Meek Mill

[29:52] On the important of being consistent & building followership

[33:10] Pros and cons of social media

[35:50] What to look for in a record label

[37:45] Xander’s favourite place to listen to Bliss

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