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Artist Stories: Laxcity On Growing from Anxiety, Why He Started Making Music and His Childhood in the UK

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As you saw in the title, we have Laxcity in as a guest this time around for our Artist Stories segment. The UK-based electronic producer has this introverted and somewhat reserved nature to him that tends to arise even during interviews.

On this episode of the Fox Tales Podcast however, we experience something different from the producer. Throughout the conversation, we get to hear a Laxcity that seems like he has loosened the shackles of anxiety that he’s struggled with, and his story as Josh rises to the conversation in a manner that’s deep, and at times fun and lighthearted.

The mixture of Future Bass, Vapor Twitch, and Future Beats that is found throughout his discography has not only led to him brushing shoulders with his idols and playing intercontinental shows, but also a deal with Alt Vision – undeniably one of the hottest labels around for Electronic music. This is probably the most personal Laxcity interview you’ll hear so far as we also discuss race, relationships, anxiety, and more. I truly hope you enjoy and walk away with a thing or two you can use in your life.


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» Stereofox (@wearestereofox)

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Show Notes

[03:32] On Genres – Vapor Twitch and Kawaii Bass
[5:30] On cherished moments from being an upcoming producer
[7:20] On the Soundcloud Era
[10:00] Go back in time, which age/ youth
[14: 00] On being from Zambia and adjusting to UK
[18:50] On being an Electronic producer in Africa
[21:05] On music played from family environment
[25:27] On growing up Black and listening to non-black music
[29:40] On balancing Uni and music
[37:55] On pursuing a career in music
[44: 21] On visual inspirations
[48:58] On being an introvert and a different
[53:10] On what helped with anxiety
[58:50] On the creation of debut album and relationships
[1:02:45] On insights and lessons from first major fest in Montreal
[1:10:00] On signing with iconic label ALT:vision
[1:15:23] On the influence of Galimatias and Porter Robinson
[1:21:00] On what it means to steal like an artist
[1:24:35] On using Fl Studio
[1:29:57] On the new album
[1:32:00] On Artists you’d love to be your mentor, party with and have a DMC with

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