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Rogue Emotions: The Covert Influencers of Your Financial Fate

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Expose the undercover emotions driving your money decisions, and reclaim the reins of your money story.

Welcome to another episode of "Your Money Your Business," where we delve into the intricate connection between emotions, finances and wealth. In this episode, we're unraveling the triggers surrounding money, finances, and the striking parallels with diets and weight loss. Our host, Debbie, sets the stage with a personal story many can relate to.


Navigating the Triggers: When Friends and Family Trigger Us

Debbie's son brings his new girlfriend home for a family dinner. All seems well until the many boxes of restaurant meals are spread out all over the dinner table. Suddenly, Debbie finds herself grappling with an unexpected surge of annoyance and unease. It's not just the fact that her son's girlfriend splurged on extravagant meals and unnecessary decor—it's the fear that her son might be swept into a lifestyle that prioritizes immediate gratification over long-term financial security.

Navigating through these emotions is no easy feat. Debbie admits to feeling a mix of concern, anxiety, and a touch of frustration, wondering why her son's girlfriend isn't channeling those resources into building a stronger financial legacy for their future. It's a moment of vulnerability that exposes Debbie's own triggers related to money—perhaps rooted in her desire to see her children thrive and make wise financial choices.


Identify Your Triggers

Identifying these triggers becomes a crucial first step in our journey. By recognizing the specific situations that elicit strong emotional responses, we can start to name and understand these triggers better.

Debbie acknowledges that her reaction is not solely about her son's girlfriend's spending habits; it taps into deeper fears and beliefs about financial responsibility and legacy building.


Human Biases – Why Do What We Do

Understanding the many human biases that influence our decisions is the next key element. Debbie reflects on how her own biases may be shaping her perspective, acknowledging the importance of challenging these preconceived notions.

This moment of self-awareness opens the door to neutralizing triggers and changing outcomes.


Daily Intentions and A Strategy to Stop Someone from Irritating You

In the spirit of empowerment, Debbie shares strategies for navigating these trigger-laden situations. She emphasizes the importance of reframing worry and anxiety as opportunities for growth and learning.

Rather than succumbing to negative emotions, she encourages listeners to adopt a proactive stance—recognizing triggers, questioning biases, and crafting an intentional strategy, consciously choosing a more positive response, and thus outcome.


Why This Matters

For our audience of older Millennials, Gen X, and younger Boomers, many of you are seasoned professionals or business owners with family incomes of $150K or more, this episode is a roadmap to healthier financial conversations.

 It's a reminder that triggers are not roadblocks but invitations to explore our relationship with money more deeply, fostering a mindset shift from worry to empowerment. So, the next time you're faced with a financial or relationship trigger, remember—you're in control of your response, and the journey to financial well-being is a marathon, not a sprint.

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