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From Self-Loathing to Serenity: A Minister's Journey to Break Free and Achieve Success as a Life Coach

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Join us in an intimate conversation as we explore the profound transformation of a self-proclaimed sad, mad and bad husband who turned his life around, finding happiness and fulfillment in love, family, and self-discovery.

Charged with emotions, in this episode, Debbie and David delve into the complexities of being a man, dissecting the profound impact David's father, a prison guard, lost at just 7 years old, had on his life. David candidly shares the challenges of living up to his father's compassionate legacy and the resulting struggles with self-worth and feelings of inadequacy.


Growing Up in Your Father’s Shadow and Life’s Unseen Paths 

In this compelling episode, from David's accidental journey into coaching and ministry to the significance of taking responsibility in the face of life's uncertainties, the conversation evolves into a reflection on the value of diverse life experiences. Join them as they discuss the unexpected paths that lead to personal growth, and explore the intersection of ministry and public speaking, uncovering the hidden lessons within life's unpredictable journey.

 The conversation further explores David's journey, examining the subtle nuances of masculinity, mentorship, and the quest for role models. Unpacking the societal stereotypes of masculinity, the discussion touches on the importance of male mentors and the ongoing search for positive influences. Debbie and David unravel the often-silenced topic of emotional abuse towards men, shedding light on the struggles faced by approximately 60 percent of men.

 The episode unfolds as a poignant exploration of personal growth, self-doubt, and the continual pursuit of healing in the face of past shadows.


The Transformative Influence of Core Values on Personal & Professional Lives

David engages in a candid conversation with Debbie, delving deep into the profound impact of core values on one's personal and professional journey. The central theme revolves around the transformative power that comes from identifying, embracing, and prioritizing core values.

David vulnerably shares his three core values: Family, Faith, and Growth, reflecting on the ongoing journey of embodying these principles. He emphasizes that while these values serve as guiding lights, the path to fully embodying them is a continuous process. Despite the imperfections in living up to these values, he sheds light on the pivotal role they play in shaping a purpose-driven life.

The discussion explores the daily alignment of actions with these values, highlighting the importance of structuring one's life around deeply held beliefs. Whether it's navigating challenges, making choices, or pursuing growth, the episode serves as a valuable guide for listeners seeking authenticity and fulfillment in their own lives.

Ultimately, the conversation underscores the significance of self-discovery, the continuous evolution of values, and the tangible impact of integrating them into the fabric of daily living.

David and Debbie provide a roadmap for individuals striving to create a life that resonates with their core values, offering profound insights and practical wisdom for the journey ahead.


Navigating the Intersection of Money and Ministry: Balancing Revenue Generation with Pastoral Ethics

In this segment, David addresses the delicate balance between generating revenue in a life coaching business and the perception of financial pursuits within pastoral life. He shares his personal journey in overcoming negative attitudes towards wealth and highlights the importance of respecting others' perspectives.

David emphasizes the need to build a solid wall between his coaching business and church affiliations, being cautious not to exploit his position for personal gain. The discussion delves into the complexities of money within religious contexts and the challenges of navigating these intersections.

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