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Metrics that Matter - Your First Dashboard

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So many of us think we know what is happening in our businesses, and in our personal finances yet when we sit down and look at the numbers, it is a whole other story- one we really don't want to hear.

 We procrastinate. We make excuses. We plow bull-headed forward until the inevitable happens and we are forced to confront reality.

There is a better, easier, and maybe even more fun way to get on to top your numbers.


The Reality of What my Clients saw when they looked at their financials

 Overwhelm. A slate of numbers that literally made no sense to them. Words and acronyms that even seasoned accountants can't explain. And allowed them to embrace numbers. And more importantly have enough knowledge of them to make informed decisions.


The Basics behind any good selection of Metrics and Data to Track

There is no one size fits all in the world. Period. Not in financial advice. Not in how to build and grow a successful business. Yet there is a constant throughline, because without income and revenue, there is no business. Even if you are a Not for Profit. 


Topics I touch on in today's episode include:

  •  Why looking at percentage change is your best model for metrics
  • Understanding that behind every number is a story
  • How to select the best items to track for your business
  • The observation of the emotions behind the changes you see
  • How to use your bank's app as your dashboard for your personal life



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