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179 - Your Top 10 Nutrition Questions: ANSWERED with Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart

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Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart are the co-founders of BiOptimizers, a high performance health company known for its comprehensive and science-based approach to wellness.

After 3 years of writing, they finally released their 540+ page book, "The Ultimate Nutrition Bible," that covers nearly every diet, including keto, carnivore, vegetarian/vegan, intermittent fasting, and more. It's an incredibly in-depth resource and is designed to help you choose the right diet FOR YOU based on your genetics and lifestyle so you can finally achieve your health, aesthetic, and performance goals.

Get The Ultimate Nutrition Bible HERE (use code CAPTAINMORGAN):

Matt serves as the CEO, bringing over 15 years of experience in formulating supplements and building profitable companies.

Wade, the President, is a 3-time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion and a renowned authority on holistic nutrition and training methods.

Their shared passion for optimizing health and fitness has driven the company's success in serving over 500,000 clients in 90 countries since 2004.

00:00 - Intro
1:42 - Eating based on Blood Type
4:26 - How important are Genetics and Ancestry?
7:01 - Wade's Big Ass Salad Recipe
8:12 - Hydration: how much Salt should you consume?
9:40 - Lectins: Good or Bad?
11:20 - Dairy Digestion (Raw VS. Pasteurized Milk)
16:58 - How to Optimize Fasting
27:48 - Secret Muscle Recovery Drink
31:10 - Best Plant Based Protein
34:30 - Healthy Italian Food (Pasta & Pizza)
40:00 - Importance of eating Organic (Glyphosate)
45:21 - Best Genetics Test
51:02 - Supplements VS. Food (Why Supplementation is necessary today)
53:06 - The "Best Diet" (What we can learn from the Japanese)
56:00 - How to NOURISH your SOUL
1:05:49 - What is THRIVING?

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"Letting Go" by Dr. David Hawkins:

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