The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast podcast

The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast

Taylor Morgan

We are fighting to restore Balance and #MakeThrivingStandard through optimizing Men’s Health, Fulfillment, and Freedom.

We are rebelling against the self-limiting beliefs of society, standing up to the status quo, rejecting mediocrity and chasing Excellence!

The host, Captain Taylor Morgan, has rewritten the rules to live a happy, healthy, and productive life as a Man using The CAPTAIN'S CODE: The 12 Foundational Articles by which he, and other Captains, live in order to #MakeThrivingStandard.

With the help of The Crew, our high-performance men's community, we are redistributing power and retelling the story of what it means to THRIVE as a Man.

Captain Taylor is a Marine Corps veteran, Holistic Lifestyle Specialist, and founder
of The Captain’s Lifestyle.

He has spent the past 10 years studying holistic health and has influenced over 170k people to become The Captains of their own lives.

Our Massively Transformative Purpose is to #MakeThrivingStandard.

Our Vision for what that looks like is a world where humans & Mother Nature not only survive, but THRIVE Synergistically. We will accomplish this through our Mission to Inspire Holistic Health, Fulfillment, and Freedom by sharing Impactful information.

The Captain interviews subject matter experts and impact driven brands to Learn what they’re doing to #MakeThrivingStandard.

We cover topics ranging from Mindset, Sleep, Nutrition and Biohacking to Entrepreneurship, Time Management, and more.

If this resonates with you, please share it with someone else who wants to #MakeThrivingStandard

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