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Taylor Morgan

Our Massively Transformative Purpose is to #MakeThrivingStandard. Our Vision for what that looks like is a world where humans & Mother Nature not only survive, but THRIVE Synergistically. We will accomplish this through our Mission to Inspire Health, Happiness, and Sustainability by sharing Impactful information. I interview subject matter experts and impact driven brands to Learn what they’re doing to make the world a better place. We cover topics ranging from Mindset, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Biohacking, Business, Time Management, Environmental Initiatives, and more.

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  • The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast podcast

    110: Eco-Friendly Paint That Reduces Indoor Pollution with Tim Sperry


    What if I told you that the very walls you’re surrounded by are constantly emitting toxins into the air you breathe?Paint is one of the most toxic products, and it’s causing serious air pollution in all of our lives.Luckily this week’s guest has the solution.Tim Perry is the founder and CEO of Smog Armor, one of the leading eco-friendly paint companies with a solution to indoor air pollution. As a lifelong entrepreneur and inventor, it has been Tim’s goal to create a product and brand that will positively impact the environment and all those in it. Sustainability, environmentally friendliness, and community involvement are the most important elements of the Smog Armor brand. Tim and his company are all about helping protect and improve the environment we all share.Listen to the episode to find out about:• Accountability and reducing your business’ carbon footprint• What VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are and why you should be concerned• Other everyday, household pollutants that are affecting the air you breathe • How to lead by example to make an impact• Benefits of better air quality in your home and workspace• High-performance habits to better perform and stay productive• The science behind Smog Armor’s technology Links & Mentions:• Smog Armor website:• Smog Armor Instagram:• Smog Armor YouTube:• Smog Armor Facebook:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Program:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My personal Instagram:• My email: • Survey: 
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    109: Reducing Plastic and Changing the Packaging Industry, Can by Can with Ricardo Mulás


    Imagine a can holder, that when composted, would degrade in a matter of days.E6PR has introduced the first eco-friendly six-pack ring made from filter by-product waste that is both compostable and biodegradable, designed to replace plastic rings.E6PR is a company driven to affect positive and definitive change in the packaging industry by designing, developing, and striving for zero-waste packaging solutions for the food and beverage industries.Joining me on the podcast this week is the C.F.O. of E6PR, Ricardo Mulás.Mulás and I discuss why biodegradable is the way to go, the truth about bioplastics, and ways you can to becoming a more sustainable business, both now and in the future.Listen to the episode to find out about:• Ways you can truly live sustainably• Why it’s important you make the switch from plastics• What you can look for when buying sustainable products• Difference between compostable and biodegradable• The major problem with recycling • Why you should be concerned about micro-plastics• Health issues caused by environmental toxins and plasticsLinks & Mentions:• E6PR Instagram:• E6PR website:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Program:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My personal Instagram:• My email: • Survey: 
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  • The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast podcast

    108: VIRAL: The Infamous "Sea Turtle Straw Removal" & Filming "the Kraken" with Ph.D Marine Biologist, Nathan Robinson


    What is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness for ocean conservation?Go viral.In 2015, Dr. Nathan Robinson was filmed removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s nose—the video now has over 125 million views on YouTube. Four years later he also recorded the first footage of a giant squid - otherwise known as the mythical ‘Kraken’ - in US waters. This story made headlines in over 400 international news sources including the front-page of The New York Times.Joining me on the podcast this week is the Marine Biologist and Science Communicator himself.Dr. Robinson and I discuss his passion to protect the environment, the viral event that spearheaded the plastic straw movement, and the power of science communication.Listen to this episode to find out about:• Eco-friendly habits that you can implement • Voting with your dollars to instigate change• Alternatives for plastic products• Sea turtle issues and their conservation• Why small differences you make matter• Creative conservation opportunitiesLinks & mentions:• “Giant Squid in US Waters” video:• “Sea Turtle Plastic Straw Removal” video:• “Sea Turtle Plastic Fork Removal” video:• Nathan Robinson on Instagram:• Nathan Robinson on Youtube:• Turtleball website:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My personal Instagram:• My email: • Survey:
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    107: Get Creative, Have Fun, and Support Sustainability using hands-on Education with Édouard André-Hessig


    What is the key to a successful, memorable learning experience in an eco-friendly way?This week I was able to sit down with Édouard André-Hessig to discuss innovative, fun, and environment-friendly solutions for learning—both in school and at home. The president and founder of ArtVenture LLC, Edouard has had the chance to work with amazing individuals and companies to design and launch unique products in office stationery and the art materials world.In this episode we talk about the importance of learning from experience, why you need to rethink the product lifestyle, and Édouard’s mission to inspire creativity in an environmentally-friendly way.Listen to the podcast to find out:• Creating a financially successful business while being sustainable• S.T.E.A.M. (merging Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) • The “1% For The Planet” movement• Sustainable habits you can do every day• The challenge of waste and how it goes hand in hand with over-consumption• Importance of creativity and teaching creative thinking in schools• A few of Édouard’s creations Links & mentions:• ArtVenture Instagram:• ArtVenture website:• Édouard André-Hessig’s YouTube:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My personal Instagram:• My email: • Survey:
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    106: Vaccines, "Alternative" Health, Home Schooling, and Self-Limiting Beliefs with Christian Elliot


    How do you make the best decisions to keep you and your loved ones healthy when we live in such a polarized world with so much misinformation overwhelming us?How do you remain impartial and open to other points of view when such a stance is immediately villainized?Christian Elliot joins the podcast this week and I was able to talk to him about free speech, personal choice, and self-limiting beliefs. A personal trainer, life coach, and certified nutrition coach, Christian is also the author of the viral blog post: 18 Reasons Why I’m Not Getting a Covid Vaccine. He explains why he decided to write the post, what gave him the courage to take action, and how the feedback was far more positive than expected. We discuss how you can communicate with others in a way that resonates simply by listening and being open-minded, the negative impacts of how our society has been groomed to reject critical thinking and “alternative” medicine, and why you should be embracing a lifestyle of movement. During today’s conversation, Christian and I are not only talking about the best decisions you can be making for your health—we’re also talking about what you can be doing to actively improve the lifestyles of yourself and those you love during such chaotic times.Listen to the episode to find out:• The Top 5 deathbed regrets• Strategies for being happy and reducing stress• Why movement should be your default state• The problems with Western medicine• Ways you can create a productive dialogue with others• How you can take action against censorship and misinformation • Benefits of homeschooling and being present for your children• Entrepreneurial coaching tips to optimizing your timeLinks and mentions:• Lysi Cod Liver Oil discount link: (promo code: taylorm10)• TRUE Whole Human website:• Christian Elliot’s LinkedIn:• Deconstructing Conventional blog:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My personal Instagram:• My email: • Survey:
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    105: Leadership Masterclass: From Saving Lives to Saving Money with Louis Fernandez


    Effective leadership is an absolute requirement when it comes to the growth and success of your business. So what exactly does solid leadership look like? What are the characteristics and qualities that define a “good” leader?Veteran, entrepreneur, and author Louis Fernandez stops by the podcast to offer his insight on what it means to be a truly accountable leader. A former Army officer who deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, Louis learned valuable leadership lessons in high-stress situations. He brings 20 plus years of building and leading high-performing teams.In this episode, we discuss the advantages of applying military leadership in a business context, what it means to be a leader in today’s world, and why an extreme ownership mindset is a necessary requirement for great leadership.Our conversation provides numerous applicable takeaways that are guaranteed to level up your leadership.Listen to the podcast to find out:• Why leadership should be one of your core values• How familiarizing yourself with leadership will grow and scale your business• The “10 Major Attributes of a Leader”• Power that comes with being able to admit when you’re wrong• Importance of autonomy in the workplace• Why listening and empathy are essential for effective leadership • Conversation and body language—what you can and can not control• How to identify and hire leaders by cultivating what already exists• Leadership in the future and how the business landscape is changingLinks and mentions:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Program:• “Keep on Leading” on Amazon:• Louis Fernandez’s Website:• Louis Fernandez’s LinkedIn:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:
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    104: Billionaire Ecopreneur Shares his Lifestyle Habits with Dylan Welch


    What are the routines & rituals that you can be implementing to guarantee entrepreneurial success?Dylan Welch is here to discuss the lifestyle habits he has in place that have allowed him to design the life he wants to live and focus on making a positive impact. CEO of Green.Org and Dylan Welch Media, Dylan started his own company with a focus on clean technology, renewable energy, and sustainability. Since then he has interviewed hundreds of scientists, CEOs, and experts in the renewable energy space, and has shared their stories to millions of people.In this episode, Dylan shares some of his routines and the 3 things he does every morning to set up the rest of his day for success. Dylan then goes on to cover why you should design your lifestyle around what makes you happy and pursue a career that you’re passionate about.Listen to the podcast to find out:• Dylan’s top 2 priorities and why they come before his business• Why you need to define exactly what you want and always have the end goal in mind• Best thing you can do to optimize your creativity and productivity• 3 things that Dylan focuses on to help him stay on track: vision, inspiration, and patience• Why Dylan believes time-management should always be a top priority• Why reframing your mind for success is absolutely necessary• If the entrepreneurial lifestyle is a path everyone can pursue• How you can achieve a work/life balance and why it’s not all about hard work & the grindLinks & mentions:• Magnesium Breakthrough discount link: (promo code: CAPTAINMORGAN)• Green.Org San Diego Summit ticket:• Dylan Welch’s Instagram:• Green.Org website:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My personal Instagram:• My email: • Survey:
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    103: Nootopia: Custom Nootropics for Peak Performance


    If the pill from the movie Limitless enabling a person to use 100% of their brain was an actual thing, wouldn’t you want to take it?BiOptimizers, my favorite supplement company, has just launched a revolutionary new product—Nootopia.Unlike the synthetic, highly-addictive forms of Nootropics, these are 100% natural & customizable brain optimizers with only positive benefits. Improved focus, boosted mood, enhanced creativity; these are just a few of the many results that you’re guaranteed to experience with Nootopia.Matt Gallant, CEO of BiOptimizers, along with the genius & very mysterious “Mad Scientist” behind the chemistry of Nootopia, Mr. Noots, join me me this episode to take a deep dive into what they’re offering—sharing everything from the science behind Nootopia and how nootropics can take your productivity to another level, to some super exciting hints of what we can expect from future products.High-performance & productivity without the negative side effects? I'm in, and you will be too after listening to this episode!Listen to this episode to find out:• How Nootopia designers CUSTOM supplements for your exact needs• What you can look forward to in the future from Nootopia• How you can tell if you're not performing at peak capacity• Benefits of Nootopia’s products compared to other 'one-size-fits-all' nootropics • Overview of the different stacks & supplements offered in NootopiaLinks & mentions:• Nootopia discount link: (promo code: captainmorgan)• Nootopia Instagram:• BiOptimizers Instagram:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My personal Instagram:• My email: • Survey:
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    102: Sleep, Decision Making Fatigue, Goal Setting, and More with Josh Levine & Travis Hatch


    Can establishing nightly routines & ensuring you get enough sleep truly help you achieve peak performance?A good night’s rest is without a doubt the first step to becoming the Captain of your own life, but what else can you be implementing in order to improve your lifestyle and find success?Recently I had the pleasure of joining Josh Levine & Travis Hawkes on the Struggle To Strength Podcast to discuss just that, and man what an excellent discussion it was—so good, in fact, that I want to share it with all of you. Throughout the conversation we talked about mindset shifts and how they’re required to begin optimizing your life, why establishing habits habits is foundational to high-performance, and how finding a coach or mentor is vital in order to achieve entrepreneurial success.Watch the episode to find out:• My personal journey to lifestyle optimization• How to avoid decision making fatigue• Proper goal setting• Prioritizing mental & physical health• The different Circadian Rhythms & how they effect your quality of sleep• Why you need Blue Light Blocking Glasses • How to improve productivity• Why saying “No” is a super power• Fulfillment & finding your ultimate happinessLinks and mentions:• The 4-3-2-1-30 Sleep Method:• The Captain’s Lifestyle Instagram:• My email: • Survey:• The Struggle To Strength Podcast on Instagram:• Co-Host Josh Levine’s Instagram:• Co-Host Travis Hawke’s Instagram:
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    101: Breathe Better, Stress Less, and Increase Performance with Taylor Somerville


    Your breath is the most powerful tool you have for reducing stress, increasing your performance, and living a healthier life. But are you using it effectively?Taylor Somerville is the founder of Symmetry, a breath, mindset, and lifestyle brand helping entrepreneurs and professionals access a better quality of life. Taylor is on a mission to transform people’s relationship with stress by teaching how you can fully utilize breathwork to control your stress response.In this episode, Taylor shares his top tips to quickly stop a stress response, how to stop getting stuck in overdrive, and why rest and recovery are the keys to increased performance.You’re never “too busy” to breathe ¬– so learn how to do it right.Listen to the episode to find out:• Taylor’s journey from stress to Symmetry • What XPT is and how Taylor became a master coach• Why Taylor passed on opening a gym and founded Symmetry instead• What breathwork can do for your productivity, health, and more • The performance-enhancing effects of nasal breathing • How to slow stress down fast• What you can gain from challenging yourself with cold exposureLinks and mentions:• The 4-3-2-1-30 Method:• The Future of Business Is Here Today: The #1 Strategy for Success with Jeremy Park:• GROWTHcurrent:• Changing Nervousness into Excitement, Nasal Breathing, Cold Exposure With Brian Muka The Fear Sherpa:• Taylor’s Instagram:• Symmetry on Instagram:• Symmetry:• XPT:

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