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174 - Grow Your Online Coaching Business with Mike Gonzales

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Mike Gonzalez is a former online fitness coach turned business coach. He believes that online programs are the way to reach the world with your expertise and passion, so he built Freedom Builderz to be a company that would help experts turn their passions into profitable online programs by guiding them through the process of building an online business.

In this podcast episode, Mike G discusses various topics including entrepreneurship, fitness, and the Freedom Builders business. He shares his journey as an entrepreneur, transitioning from the corporate world to starting a fitness company. Mike then explains how the idea for Freedom Builders came about during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it helps others with branding and marketing.

He also discusses the shift towards specialized education and training, the importance of exceptional service in the online coaching industry, and the value of detachment and surrender in achieving success.

#entrepreneurship #fitness #mindset

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