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175 - Unlock the Mind : The Power of Microdosing with Nate Baumgardner

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Nate Baumgardner is a coach who helps entrepreneurs tap into their creative potential through plant medicine and breathwork. In this podcast episode, Nate shares his personal experience with psychedelics, including a transformative LSD trip that led him to pursue a career in coaching. He explains the benefits of microdosing and trauma healing, emphasizing the importance of addressing energetic and emotional blocks. Nate also discusses the process of vision casting and creating a ten-year vision for clients, as well as the optimal frequency and protocols for microdosing. He emphasizes the sacred and safe use of plant medicines and the importance of setting intentions.

#psychedelics #microdosing #entrepreneurs

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The LSD Experience [00:00:00]
Introduction and Background [00:01:04]
Microdosing and Plant Medicine [00:01:40]
The process of shifting towards what you want [00:14:41]
Developing guiding principles and a ten-year vision [00:19:37]
The role of plant medicine in expanding awareness [00:25:43]
Serotonin and the Effects of Psychedelics [00:26:44]
Default Mode Network and Ego Death [00:27:38]
Microdosing and the Power of Dying Before You Die [00:29:43]
The benefits of microdosing and setting intentions [00:40:09]
Optimal frequency and protocols for microdosing [00:41:55]
Tapping into intuition and understanding yes or no [00:46:48]

#serotonin #holisticbenefits #traumahealing

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