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173 - Protect Yourself from EMFs : The Inconvenient Truth with Aires CEO Josh Bruni

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In this episode, Josh Bruni, the CEO of American Aires, discusses the importance of incorporating EMF protection into an overall wellness routine. He explains the dangers of EMF exposure and its impact on the body, particularly on sleep, hormone production, and fertility. Josh also discusses various testing methods and controversies in the field of EMF research. He highlights the need for controlled testing and qualified professionals in the field.

American Aires Inc. is a global nanotechnology company that is focused on research, development and implementation of innovative technology solutions that restructure and transform electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically compatible form. Over $20M has been spent on research and development of technology behind Aires Tech devices in an effort to create the most effective EMR protecting device.

Josh shares the origins and functionality of Aries products, which are designed to protect against exposure to electromagnetic radiation. He also addresses the challenges his team faces in the industry and expresses excitement about the future of their product.

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The importance of sleep and EMF protection [00:00:00]
Background and progression leading to Aries [00:02:31]
Understanding EMFs and their impact on biology [00:07:52]
The dangers of EMF and its disruption in the body [00:11:27]
Effects of EMF on high turnover cells [00:12:21]
EMF's disruption of sleep and hormone production [00:13:52]
The argument with live blood testing [00:21:54]
The need for control in live blood cell testing [00:22:26]
The effects of EMFs on the brain [00:26:11]
The lack of conclusive studies on EMF safety [00:31:23]
The influence of funding on studies [00:32:11]
Observational study on bees and EMFs [00:36:32]
The importance of controlling exposure within your home [00:41:08]
The challenges and limitations of blocking technology [00:41:58]
The risks of using AirPods and other wireless earbuds [00:45:48]
The development of Aries for military application [00:50:59]
The function and design of Aries technology [00:52:04]
The scientific research and patents behind Aries [00:55:47]
The tinnitus reduction [01:01:24]
Feeling sick after using the product [01:01:59]
Different range of products and their uses [01:04:07]
The Room Protection [01:11:54]
Durability of the Product [01:12:18]
Function and Lifespan of the Product [01:14:05]
The mission to create awareness and solve the problem [01:20:58]
Excitement about the future of the product [01:22:09]
Josh's definition of thriving [01:24:45]

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