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172 - The Art of Authentic Masculinity with Mason Kuhr

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Mason is the king of holistic self-transformation and founder of The Stampede Network (, the first brand to fully integrate mind, body and spirit into every single aspect of the business. He is an entrepreneur, investor, athlete, coach, teacher, creator, speaker, and more. It's a really long list...

Mason helps people live purposefully through self-actualization and self-transcendence. This is everything that raises our consciousness, including mind, body, spirit, and entrepreneurship/finance. He has helped hundreds of thousands across all platforms and hosts The Stampede Network Podcast.

In this podcast episode, we delve deep into the realms of masculinity, purpose, and personal development. Join us as we embark on thought-provoking conversations that explore a range of topics, including the quest for finding purpose, conquering fears, nurturing self-confidence, and understanding the significance of polarity within relationships. In this episode, our guest, Mason, sheds light on the profound influence of wounded femininity on contemporary feminism, emphasizing the importance of personal awareness and consciousness as catalysts for positive societal transformation.

Tune in and expand your perspectives as we navigate the intricate landscape of masculinity and personal growth.

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Masculinity and its misconceptions [00:00:00]
The importance of purpose [00:05:42]
Discovering and crafting one's purpose [00:06:53]
Finding Purpose and Making a Change [00:12:04]
Acceptance and Authenticity [00:14:58]
Living in Truth and Integrity [00:16:03]
Living on your edge [00:22:08]
The opposite of fear is faith [00:23:11]
Building confidence [00:27:21]
Misconceptions around masculinity [00:31:02]
Importance of living with purpose [00:32:12]
Polarity and balance between masculine and feminine energy [00:33:06]
Toxic Masculinity and Projection [00:41:35]
True Masculinity and Internal Feminine Energy [00:42:33]
Taking Ownership and Changing Society [00:44:43]
Living at Your Edge [00:53:31]
Putting Yourself at the Edge [00:54:14]
Overcoming Fears and Challenging Yourself [00:55:17]
Taking care of the body [01:05:24]
Entering the mind [01:06:19]
Giving to the world [01:09:26]

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