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171 - Mature Masculinity: The Leap from Boy to Man with Chris Marhefka

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Chris is a Master Coach, a worldwide retreat facilitator, Host of the Fully Expressed Podcast, and Speaker. He is authoring an upcoming book titled, "Integrated Leadership", where he shares the simple 3 Step Process he created and how applying it has had enormous impact in his life and his clients' lives. He is also an experienced entrepreneur, has grown and exited three six and seven-figure companies and was formally the Host of the network TV show, "Altar'd".

Chris utilizes thousands of hours of experience in emotional healing, trauma facilitation, somatics, breathwork, masculine embodiment, relationship and communication coaching, men’s development, business, entreprenuership and leadership mentoring. He has worked with over 2000 clients in physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual development.

In this podcast episode, we discuss Chris's transition from being a frat boy to becoming a coach, reflecting on his college years and the lessons he learned. Chris shares his pivotal moment at 22 when he quit his finance job and embarked on a soul-searching journey. He talks about the importance of clarity, clearing emotional and physical baggage, and living with integrity. We also touch on accepting emotions, cultivating confidence, and managing overwhelm. Chris shares personal experiences and insights to inspire listeners to create a fulfilling and aligned life.

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The Clarity Stage [00:00:00]
Transition from Frat Boy to Men's Leadership Coach [00:02:24]
Pivotal Moment at Age 22 [00:06:17]
The transition and financial realization [00:11:41]
Letting go of material possessions [00:13:17]
Creating space for new experiences [00:16:03]
The Clarity Phase [00:23:10]
Taking Inspired Action [00:29:26]
Meticulous Integrity [00:30:32]
The importance of integrity and taking responsibility [00:32:53]
Being yourself and letting go of toxic relationships [00:34:42]
Choosing your life consciously and intentionally [00:42:52]
Courageous Living [00:53:09]
Acting in the Face of Fear [00:55:46]
Unreasonable Expectations [00:57:43]
Overcoming Overwhelm [00:58:39]
Integrated Leadership [01:02:52]
Thriving as a State of Being [01:07:38]

#bodylanguage #freedom #personalgrowth

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