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169: Thinking About Being an Online Coach? Start Here with Dr. Matt Shiver

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Meet Dr. Matt Shiver, a dedicated physical therapist who ventured into the world of online business. While studying in PT school, Matt founded the Growth Accelerator, an online coaching platform that has enabled him to travel and coach clients remotely from his laptop.

The Growth Accelerator specializes in helping clinicians develop thriving online side hustles that can
eventually transform into full-time careers. Join Matt on his journey as he shares valuable insights and
strategies for launching and growing your own successful online business.

In this episode, Dr. Matt Shiver, a physical therapist and online coach, discusses his perspective on the American dream and the importance of offering support to others. He shares his thoughts on a product called Ketone IQ and the significance of being called "Dr." in terms of authority and credibility. Dr. Matt emphasizes the importance of practicing what one preaches and the frustration he felt with classmates who didn't prioritize their own health. He talks about his experience in physical therapy school and the decision to explore the online space. The conversation also touches on the value of coaching, building a coaching business, and the steps involved in enrolling clients. Dr. Matt highlights the importance of time and attention as valuable resources and the benefits of surrounding oneself with a supportive community. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the significance of open dialogue, vulnerability, and the transition from a side hustle to a full-fledged coaching business.

Join Matt on his journey as he shares valuable insights and strategies for launching and growing your own successful online business.

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[00:00:00] Introduction and the American Dream
[00:01:30] Being Called "Dr" and Practicing What You Preach
[00:04:28] The Value of Physical Therapy Education
[00:08:59] Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the limitations of the system.
[00:10:26] Shifting mindset towards time and attention as the most valuable resources.
[00:13:16] The importance of support and community in making a career transition.
[00:17:30] Importance of Community
[00:18:40] Being Open and Real in Communities
[00:22:38] The Role of Coaching in Personal Growth
[00:26:23] The Importance of Investing in Coaching
[00:27:43] The Value of Hiring a Coach
[00:29:45] The Psychology of Value Based on Price
[00:35:08] Step One: Getting Clear
[00:35:31] Step Two: Enrolling People
[00:42:11] Step Three: Marketing & Building a Client Base
[00:44:00] Step Four: Professionalizing the Business
[00:47:47] Sales and Conversations
[00:52:31] The four-step process to help coaches book more calls

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