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167: How to Achieve True Freedom with Mike Bledsoe

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Mike Bledsoe is the CEO of The Strong Coach, helping coaches build 6 figure businesses. He brings physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development to every conversation for a holistic approach to life.With a background of 16 years in coaching, including 11 years specifically in the online and media sectors, Mike guided numerous clients towards transforming both their businesses and personal lives.

His ultimate mission revolves around empowering influencers to regain command over their financial stability.

For many people, ultimate freedom means having the ability to do what you want, when you want, and with who you want. As Jerry Rice once said, "I'm willing to do things other people won't so that later on in life I can have the opportunity to do what other people can't."

In this episode, we'll explore what it takes to create ultimate freedom in your life and why money alone is not enough…

If you're looking for a healthy dose of reality, inspiration, and fresh perspective...then listen all the way through this episode as we explore how you can create ultimate freedom and start living the life you truly deserve.

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  • Freedom [00:01:25] Mike and Taylor discuss different types of freedom, including emotional, physical, mental, and cultural freedom.
  • Physical Freedom [00:02:45] Mike explains physical freedom as being fit and capable of doing physical activities, while some people are incapable and have limited options.
  • Plane Travel and Stress [00:06:00] Mike and the Taylor talk about their experiences with plane travel and how they deal with stress, including regulating breathing and not worrying about things out of their control.
  • Reluctant Entrepreneur [00:08:14] Mike talks about his initial resistance to becoming an entrepreneur and how he eventually embraced it.
  • Calibrating Intuition [00:13:55] Mike discusses the importance of calibrating intuition with data and being aware of whether you are listening to intuition or fear.
  • Normal Job [00:15:49] Mike explains that he would only consider a normal nine-to-five job if it was incredibly exciting, lucrative, and gave him a strong sense of purpose.
  • Entrepreneurship and time freedom [00:18:47] Mike talks about his experience as an entrepreneur and how being in control of his own time has played to his benefit and detriment.
  • Traveling for work vs. pleasure [00:21:28] Mike shares his experience of traveling for work and how he only started traveling for pleasure in 2018. He advises finding a balance between traveling for business and pleasure.
  • Taking a vacation [00:24:14] The speakers discuss the importance of taking a vacation and just being, without worrying about work or content creation. Mike Bledsoe advises taking a vacation every third trip taken for business.
  • Traveling with a crew [00:25:00] Mike talks about his experience traveling with the same crew for five years and how it created tension at times.
  • Impact of government restrictions on entrepreneurs [00:25:42] The host asks Mike how the government restrictions impacted him as an entrepreneur during the pandemic.
  • Realization that the pandemic was "bullshit" [00:30:44] Mike talks about how he and his friend realized that the pandemic was "bullshit" after analyzing the numbers and the narrative.
  • The Impact of Opposing Narratives [00:33:06] Mike talks about how he was presented with a truth that he was able to ignore previously and how it started directly impacting him. He discusses how he can make an impact and how opposing narratives can lead to being shadow-banned.
  • The Spiritual War [00:34:05] Mike talks about how people don't know themselves as sovereign beings and how fear tactics are used to keep people trapped and separated from themselves. He discusses how it's a spiritual war and how people are caught up in thinking that some people are better than others and need to be told what to do.
  • Mike's Brother in Prison [00:36:41] Mike talks about his brother Matt who is in federal prison for walking into the Capitol building on January 6th. He discusses how the prison system is a business and how they have point systems that benefit the prison to keep people as long as possible.
  • The Capitol Riot and its aftermath [00:40:25 - 00:46:02] Mike talks about his brother's involvement in the Capitol Riot, the death threats he received, and his subsequent arrest and sentencing.
  • Death threats and business success [00:46:02 - 00:47:40] Mike shares how his brother's moving company received death threats after the Capitol Riot, but also gained new customers who supported him.
  • Becoming more free in a broken system [00:48:00 - 00:48:23] Taylor asks Mike how to become more free in a broken system, and he shares his personal approach of paying for things to go away.
  • Trusts and Taxes [00:48:25] Mike explains how trusts can be used to protect assets and how they can be used to control everything but technically own nothing. He also discusses the argument over income tax and how people can remove themselves from the taxpayer list.
  • Decentralized Platforms [00:54:03] Mike talks about the benefits of decentralized platforms, such as podcasts, and how they can be used to spread information that may be suppressed on other platforms.
  • Centralized Authority [00:55:51] Mike discusses the dangers of centralized authority and how it can become desperate to maintain control. He advises treating them with respect to keep oneself safe.
  • Separation from the system [00:56:46] Mike talks about creating separation from the system to limit the amount that other people can steal from you.
  • Getting married in Colombia [01:00:20] Mike shares his excitement about getting married soon in Colombia and the cultural experience he can provide for his family and friends.
  • Thriving [01:02:24] Mike defines thriving as continuous and regular inspired action, which comes from a place of inspiration, not desperation.

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