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165: Testosterone Optimization and Muscle Building with Sam Johnston

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In this episode, Sam and I break down everything you need to know if you want to build muscle and boost your testosterone.

We talk about common myths and mistakes people make in the gym, what foods to focus on and what to avoid if you want your testosterone to skyrocket.

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00:00:00:00 Introduction and Sponsors
00:03:31:05 Beginning Episode
00:05:54:15 Common Mistakes guys do in the gym
00:11:23:04 Cardio vs resistance training for fat loss
00:16:39:17 Proximity to failure (most people don't work hard enough)
00:21:52:23 Does Reprange matter?
00:27:03:16 Does muscle confusion and variation of exercises matter?
00:33:31:02 Get your sunlight if you want testosterone
00:38:34:04 You can’t outtrain a bad diet
00:45:03:03 Fats have been demonized
00:51:00:01 Caloric deficit vs caloric surplus
00:53:44:15 Reducing Stress
00:57:08:21 Supplements that help boost testosterone
01:01:10:03 Effects of EMF on your Testosterone
01:06:33:19 Heat kills your sperm

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