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164: How to Detox and Heal Naturally with Therasage

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Rob Besner, PSc.D, is the Chief Science Officer, device developer and cofounder of Therasage, Premier Infrared Healing Products, recognized as the leader in integrated infrared technology.

After Robby’s daughter got Lyme disease, he began his journey into holistic health and natural healing. Disappointed by modern medicine and doctors, he took it in his own hands to heal her. On his journey he started to merge primal healing with modern medicine to find a solution. We are talking about juice cleanses, the power of sunlight, turning your home into a safe place by optimizing your bedroom and minimizing EMF exposure and much more.

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00:00:00:00 Introduction and Sponsors
00:04:49:12 Beginning Podcast
00:05:55:04 Battling Lyme Disease and the beginning of a health quest
00:10:21:08 Primal Healing
00:13:20:17 Juice Cleanse, Gerson Therapy & Health Conspiracies
00:19:24:22 Obesity is genetics
00:24:10:13 Creating a safe place
00:27:22:08 Optimizing your home into a healthy environment
00:34:30:04 How to get started, Detoxing, Lower Inflammation
00:37:02:19 Stacking healthy Habits
00:44:57:05 Why are Therasage Product less expensive
00:47:20:21 What are you most excited about
00:51:42:18 What does thriving mean to you

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