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161: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Cannabis with Ryan Sprague

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Ryan Sprague is a leader in the cannabis eduation industry. He hosts two podcasts: Highly Optimized and This One Time On Psychedelics, where he's interviewed me. He's also the founder of Connect With Cannabis, a course that teaches you how to connect deeply with yourself, experience the creative powers of the flower, and more without overuse, abuse, or codependency on it.

In this episode, we debunk common myths in relation to cannabis, like why you may feel lazy or anxious while smoking. We also talk about the best ways to consume cannabis, why you should set an intention before smoking, the art of growing cannabis, how to deal with loss and much more.

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00:01:00:00 Mystery School
00:03:19:09 Sponsors
00:07:50:09 Who is Ryan Sprague
00:16:12:06 The Soul and the Heart are whispering to you
00:22:16:08 Dealing with emotional trauma after fathers passing
00:27:48:20 Life happens for you or to you
00:38:07:09 Failing forward
00:48:18:16 What if the good stuff
00:50:33:09 Misconceptions about Cannabis
00:56:40:20 How you grow the plant affects its effects
01:02:51:08 Learning to connect with cannabis
01:14:39:15 Genetically predisposed to cannabis
01:16:26:15 How to know if cannabis is right for you
01:21:44:13 Discipline and structure / Riding the edge of your comfort zone
01:24:12:05 Different ways to connect with cannabis
01:29:40:15 Difference between sativa and indica

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