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158: Gary Vee's Health & Wellness Habits

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Recurring guest Gary Vaynerchuck shares his journey into the world of health & fitness. We discuss why he's been working with a coach for the past 9 years, how important accountability is and why he came clean about cheating, his experience with organ meats and a lower carb diet, and MUCH much more.

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[00:00:00:00] Introduction
[00:04:50:07] Beginning Episode
[00:06:43:09] Health and Wellness as a Entrepreneur
[00:13:55:18] How did getting fit impact your life
[00:18:02:09] Bulgarian Split Squats and Longevity
[00:21:30:04] Cheating the Scale and being held accountable
[00:28:01:03] Gary Vee Eating Habits
[00:31:27:01] Anything that is going to extremes is missing the point (Going Purple)
[00:36:11:17] Keeping up with the Joneses is the Nr1 way to be unhappy
[00:39:29:02] Gary Vee on consuming Organ Meats
[00:43:41:18] Driven by guilt and gratitude
[00:44:37:23] I sleep like a fucking baby
[00:49:18:23] People do not even realize how good their life is

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