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Spotlight on Women's History Month: Why She Wrote GN

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----more----March is Women’s History Month and there is no better time to welcome my three guests Lauren Burke, Hanna K. Chapman and Kaley Bales, the creative team behind Why She Wrote.

Their book examines 18 of the greatest women authors of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Some are familiar favorites; others have undeservedly fallen into obscurity. Their hardcover book is being published by Chronicle Books and will available on April 20th.

Chapters written by Lauren Burke and Hanna K. Chapman include an introduction to author, fun facts, a bibliography of selected works and a comic followed by the artist Kaley Bales.  

Why She Wrote will explore:

Why did Jane Austin struggle to write for the first five years before her first novel was ever published?

How did Edith Maude Eaton’s writing change the narrative around Chinese immigrant workers in North American?

Why did the Brontë sisters choose to write under male pen names, and Anne Lister write her personal diaries in code?

Also, we will learn the origin of Lauren and Hanna first meeting, how it led developing their podcast Bonnets at Dawn and ultimately their book Why She Wrote. 

We will also learn about Lauren’s other recent work It’s Her Story: Rosa Parks, Hanna’s Comic Book Slumber Party anthology and Kaley’s illustrations and prints.

I close out our interview asking my 9 Questions which include: their pet peeves, missed opportunities and when each took a risk.


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