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Ibrahim Mustafa - Count

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Ibrahim Mustafa joins Creator Talks to discuss his latest graphic novel Count being published through Humanoids. 


This sci-fi revenge story is based on the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.  


The original is not the swashbuckling tale those who have not read it may think it is.


Why did Ibrahim decide to make this story the foundation for his graphic novel? 


Why does the coloring and lettering fit so well with Ibrahim’s art style?


And why is this graphic novel more satisfying for Ibrahim than a comic series or fill-in issue he has drawn?


Growing up Ibrahim’s favorite superhero was Superman, and he talks about how seeing Alex Ross’ Man of Steel influenced his own art style.


Ibrahim reveals his favorite to comic art tutorial books, and why he has decided not to launch a how-to YouTube Channel.


We also talk about his work on James Bond: Origin and Solstice for Dynamite comics, and why he thinks Timothy Dalton is the best James Bond.


Why does Ibrahim think Dalton’s James Bond was initially unjustly maligned by audiences but grew to be more appreciated as Agent 007.


We touch upon his 2017 Eisner Nominated digital comic Jaeger, the story of a World War II allied spy bent on revenge against his Nazi captors. The book is only available in print from Ibrahim’s website. 


Ibrahim is also the Art Director for Colorcubic, consulting on job ranging from art designs to video games.  What has been his greatest challenge working as Art Director?


I conclude our interview with my Final 9 Questions, in which we learn about his hobby of making amazing custom action figures, his favorite once-in-a-lifetime birthday experience, and one of his pet peeves that involves smartphones.



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