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Laszlo Tamasfi on the lost silent film Dracula's Death

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Returning guest Laszlo Tamasfi discusses his new book, an English translation of the screenplay of and related articles about Dracula's Death.

It is the first motion picture to feature the character Dracula. This Hungarian silent film made in 1921 does not adhere to Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. It was an original story about a young woman, who encounters the famous vampire during her stay at a mental asylum. 

The film is long lost but a prose adaptation was published in 1924 that Laszlo has translated.

Learn how national record keeping rules made it possible for the script to survive, and how Laszlo undertook his research and translation of the book.

The book is published through Strangers From Nowhere and contains new illustrations by Jozsef Svab. 

I discuss with Lazlo the reason why he decide to self-publish Dracula's Death though his own imprint rather than secure a publisher to do all of the heavy lifting involved in book's editing, printing, distribution, and promotion.

What are the benefits of working through a publisher, and what compromises must be made for a book to be printed?

How hard should a book's creator push back against changes required by the publisher? 

We discuss these questions and more.


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