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Samuel George London on The S-Factor

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Samuel George London is a comic book writer and podcast host based in the U.K.

We discuss why he developed his relatively recent interest in comic books and how he conceived and launched his popular Victorian space adventure series Milford Greene.

The focus of our conversation though will be his latest work being published through Action Lab Comics, The S-Factor.

It is a four-part series launching in June about an under-appreciated super hero sidekick, Greyfox, who decides to re-brand him self through a new reality TV series for super heroes called The S-Factor.  Twelve super heroine contestants must fight for his affection.

Samuel shares which show inspired The S-Factor as well as his own personal experience taking part in a reality TV show. 

His insight into the machinations and manipulations by associate producers to heighten emotions and tensions among contestants was fertile ground for the development of The S-Factor.

Samuel also goes behind the scenes of the making of The S-Factor: the good fortune that lead to the book deal with Action Lab Comics and the artist of the series Chris Panda. Samuel reveals the series rags to riches story and why he selected Chris to illustrate it.

Samuel is also the host of Comics for the Apocalypse.  We talk about his imaginative interview podcast, one which ye old host has even made an appearance.  Don’t let that stop you though; it is well worth you time to give his podcast a listen.

As we conclude our discussion I ask Samuel my Final Nine Questions, which include when he took a risk, his island book, recommended reading for comic book newbies and all about that missed opportunity.


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