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Bernie Gonzalez's Midnight Mystery Back in Print

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Ezekiel “Zeke” King is back for another Midnight Mystery!

Returning guest Bernie Gonzalez is the creator, writer and artist of his horror noir comic Midnight Mystery.  

Originally published through Alterna Comics, Bernie has gripped the reins and is now handling Midnight Mystery's printing and distribution. 

Bernie explains why he stepped away from Alterna, took a break from making comics and felt it was the right time for Zeke's return.

His previously published Midnight Mystery comics are re-mastered and collected in 8" x 10 1/2" trade paperbacks and expanded with additional material. 

By day, Bernie works in marketing. Although he is passionate about making comics, he finds self-promotion more of a chore. 

As we discuss why this is the case, Bernie also shares his thoughts on what it takes to makes a great comic, and even a great podcast. 

Discover how Bernie uses social media to share with followers what interest him, and how helps with soft promotion of Midnight Mystery.

We share thoughts on our favorite classic horror TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Dark Shadows and more.

Warning: be sure to have a box of tissues near by before listening. We tell painful stories of culling our physical media collections, upgrading DVDs, and the uniqueness of those old VHS tapes used to record broadcast television shows.  

What forgotten treasures might be found on these analogue recordings not available on retail DVDs and Blu-ray disks?  


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