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Alan Cowsill: The Way of the Warrior and Marvel U.K.

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Creator Talks proudly presents: Alan Cowsill who worked as both a writer and editor for Marvel U.K. / Panini and Eagle Moss publishing.  

We begin our discussion with how Alan started in the business as a young comic book dealer. 

What did valuable experience did he gain dealing in comics? What were some of his most profitable acquisitions?

Would he become a comic retailer in current state of today's market?

The breaking news, however, is Alan's latest work The Martial Way: Marvel's Mightiest Martial Artists.

In this hardcover book chock full of art from the comic books, discover the fighting styles, training techniques, and secret disciplines of Marvel Comics' mighty martial artists.  The book is slated for release on May 4, 2021.

How did Alan decide which iconic art work included in the book and how did he make every effort to ensure the content was up to date with current Marvel continuity?

Alan also wrote a handy reference guide DC Comics Year by Year.

What is the underlying benefit of this book for the new or lapsed DC comic reader?

We also talk about Alan's writing of the Spider-Man strip included in Spider-Man Adventures magazine.

Why did Alan offer to write the script and why was the strip needed for the book in the first place? 

Alan is a podcast host and I ask about the status of his show The Last Geek in Space and discuss some of his previous guests. 

We discuss the  martial arts since Alan is a practitioner. We both share experience about the art of fighting without fighting, martial arts philosophy and health benefits. 

As we conclude our interview, I ask Alan my Final 9 Questions including his guilty pleasure, a missed opportunity and when he took a risk. 


Audio Clip: "Kung Fu Fighting" (1974) - Carl Douglas

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