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Hello new listeners! Welcome to the Kinspirit Podcast.

Inside of Kinspirit, we are dedicated to the work of bridging the gap between the everyday and the sacred, exploring change, initiation, and crafting a better world. This podcast aims to inspire listeners to notice subtle shifts in themselves and in the culture that can lead to powerful outcomes and systemic change. By centering the soft body, the nervous system's need for sweetness, safety, and truth, this podcast explores how to integrate multiple dimensions and realities into crafting futures for ourselves and future generations. Through conversations with various guests, we will delve into concepts of cultural wholeness, the medicine of initiation, the seasons, and change.

We'll be asking questions like, “How might we craft futures of wholeness? What does that look like, taste, feel like? What does it look like in our work? In our relationships with ourselves and each other, and in our relationship with the mystery and our myths?

How can we allow wholeness to be centered in our human evolution and global creative processes? How can we craft a vision of the future that can hold all of us?"

We hope these episodes to support you in your own inquiry into these questions. Thank you for listening. Enjoy.

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