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The Resurgence of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries: Honoring Our Cycles of Descent with Carly Mountain

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Carly Mountain, author of Descent & Rising: Women's Stories and Embodying the Inanna Myth, joins the podcast to discuss the psychospiritual descent to soul and the wildly misunderstood sacred rites of passage that many women secretly experience. She emphasizes the importance of calling this wisdom back into the lives of women and normalizing the nature of both descent and rising as part of the feminine path. Carly explores the concept of sacrifice and the need to let go of certain aspects of ourselves in order to rise and embody our true selves. She also highlights the role of desire and pleasure in the journey of descent and rising, and the importance of compassion for ourselves and others as we navigate these transformative processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • The psychospiritual descent to soul is an initiation that challenges every notion we have of ourselves and our lives.
  • The path of descent and rising is a humbling rite of passage that delivers us through the depths of our embodied subconscious to meet the seat of our own power and vulnerability.
  • True desire leads us towards what we are supposed to be doing in life, but it also requires sacrifice and vulnerability.
  • Rising requires us to be more truthful with ourselves about our capacity, needs, and desires, and to reach into communities of support.
  • Compassion for ourselves and others is essential as we navigate the journey of descent and rising.

About Carly Mountain

Carly Mountain is a psychotherapist, women’s initiatory guide, breathworker and author of Descent & Rising: Women’s Stories & the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth. Her work has evolved over twenty years of working with sacred practice and space holding. She lives in Sheffield, England with her husband and two daughters.


Instagram: carly_mountain

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