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Sun Medicine, Earth Stewardship, and Finding the Courage to Rise after Descent Cycles

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Welcome back to the Kinspirit podcast! In this episode, we explore the concept of radical inherent belonging and the importance of living from a place of deep connection to the Earth. We discuss the role of the sun as an archetypal medicine and how it supports us in our journey toward our culture work. We also redefine the idea of Earth Stewardship, emphasizing that it goes beyond land tending and encompasses all aspects of our lives and contributions to culture.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Living from a place of radical inherent belonging shapes how we love, create, and contribute to the world.
  2. Earth stewardship is not limited to land tending; it includes all aspects of our lives and contributions to culture.
  3. The sun's medicine supports us in our journey of ascension and helps us root deeper into the Earth.
  4. Embracing our mythocultural role requires a deep sense of belonging and connection to the Earth.


  • "We are always moving in and out of life, death, life cycles, which is why I feel so undisturbed that this medicine that is moving through Kinspirit is moving through its own life, death and life cycle."
  • "The sun not only calls us forward, but invites us to get deeper and deeper in our sense of relationality with the larger order."
  • "Earth stewardship is culture work. Every part of what we bring forth through our lives is Earth stewardship."
  • "The only path to truly step into the expression of your culture work is to come from a place of radical, inherent belonging."

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