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Calling Forth the Beauty in this Realm through Holistic Death Care with Narinder Bazen

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Recorded at the end of Summer, Narinder and I discuss our shared experiences growing up in religious fundamentalist communities and how it shaped our perspectives on life. We explore the beauty and romance in everyday living and the importance of calling forth the beauty in this world. Narinder also shares her journey as a death midwife and the role of death midwifery in society. We discuss the concept of forgiving this realm, embracing death as home, and the importance of wonder and unconditional love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace the beauty and romance in everyday living and call forth the beauty in this world.
  • Death midwifery is about midwifing society as we transition to the world we want to see.
  • Death is home and understanding its temporary nature can lead to a sense of peace.
  • Shift our perspective on systemic problems and focus on connecting with and loving the individuals in front of us.
  • Find wonder and enchantment in life and honor the beauty that wants to be revealed.

About Narinder Bazen

Narinder Bazen serves in these curious times as an artist, Death Midwife, Death Midwifery trainer, and Enchanted Life Guide. Her work centers around midwifing society, as we let go of the world we knew to take hold of the world we want to see for ourselves.

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