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A Path of Heart: Initiated Eldership in our Modern Age with David Bedrick

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This week, David Bedrick, an elder dedicated to the work of Unshaming, joins me on the podcast to discuss what it means to step into the transformative potential of eldership. We explore the ache for elders in our culture and the necessity of imparted wisdom, courage, and insight. David shares his personal journey of finding his path and the role of elders in guiding and supporting him. Together, we discuss the quality of humility, the power of embracing the darkness, and the regenerative nature of forgiveness as a path of heart.

About David Bedrick

David Bedrick is an elder dedicated to the work of unshaming our culture and our world. He is the founder of the Santa Fe Institute for Shame Based Studies and the author of several books, including "Talking Back to Dr. Phil" and "17 Women's Stories of Hunger, Body, Shame and Redemption." David's upcoming book, "Unshamed," will be published in 2024.


David Bedrick, an elder and founder of the Santa Fe Institute for Shame Based Studies, joins the podcast to discuss the concept of eldership and the importance of stepping into this role in our culture. He emphasizes the need for elders to embrace their path of heart and share their wisdom and experiences with others. David also explores the significance of humility, death, and regenerativeness in the journey of becoming an elder.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eldership is not just about age, but about embracing a path of heart and sharing wisdom with others.
  • Humility is essential for elders, as it allows them to acknowledge their mistakes and share their experiences with others.
  • Embracing periods of death and rebirth is a crucial part of the journey to becoming an elder.
  • Regenerativeness is a key aspect of eldership, as it involves continually renewing and recreating one's own life.


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