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Episode 64: My Kid Labeled My Divorce “A Good Divorce”

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When children are part of the equation of how a divorce is handled, being intentional about doing what is best for them is so important. Divorce is traumatic for everyone involved and it can have a lasting effect on children, especially. That’s a weighty responsibility when it comes to re-learning how to parent in the midst of, and after, a divorce. 


This week’s guest, Sarah Armstrong, shares her powerful story of navigating divorce with her daughter’s well-being at the forefront. It’s incredibly easy for animosity between divorced parents to create a toxic environment for their children, and how children experience divorce remains with them for the rest of their lives. Through thoughtful intentionality, Sarah and her ex charted a course that made space for each of them to process and express their grief while doing their best to minimize trauma for their daughter. That hard work was rewarded a year later when Sarah’s daughter described her parents' divorce as a “good one.”


When Sarah isn’t traveling the world as a global business executive, she works to break down the stigma that surrounds divorce through her book, The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce. I hope you enjoy hearing her story this week on the Divorce Doctor Podcast.


Learn more about Sarah by visiting her website at

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