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Episode 61: The Story I Had To Let Go of To Get My Energy Back

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Ellen Bruno has journeyed all across the globe as a documentary filmmaker, bringing awareness to many humanitarian and human rights injustices. But one of the most exhilarating and treacherous journeys she has ever taken was her journey of divorce.


Ellen herself had divorced parents and she shares that it was a very difficult and emotionally fraught experience for her growing up. So when she and her husband were heading towards divorce, Ellen was determined that this divorce process and aftermath would be a better experience for her own children. However, things didn't go as she hoped. As Ellen shares her story, she explains the power of recognizing that sometimes, all you can do is your best and let go of the rest–and that doing so can lead to so much freedom to move forward in healthy, energized ways.


You don’t want to miss this week’s podcast. Not only does Ellen share with us her own story and experiences, but she also shares a little about the documentary film she directed and produced as a result of her divorce experience called “Split.” It’s a film that every parent and kid of a divorced family should watch, as it centers on interviewing and exploring the feelings and experiences of 12 children of divorced parents. And, she has another film coming out–“Split 2”–which is set to be just as insightful and powerful as the first.


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