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Episode 59: How To Shift Your Broken Heart to an Open Heart

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What would the world be like if everyone loved themselves? 


This is the question that Susyn Reeve first asked herself when she was 14 years old, and it is a question that continues to guide her work and life today. Throughout the years, Susyn has come to understand that a loving relationship with yourself builds the foundation of every other relationship in your life. Her work is rooted in helping others deeply apply this concept to their lives.


In 1997, Susyn was internally battling deep self-loathing, the belief that there was something wrong with her and that there was no escape from the recurrent misery, isolation, and shame she had felt during much of her life. She knew something needed to change in her own heart so she could live a life open to love and happiness in the future. So, she began this deep healing work to move from a mindset of “I’m Not Enough” to “I Love Me.” That journey was transformative for her, and now she works to help others do the same.


Susyn offers individual and group workshops focused on combining deep heart healing and creative expression to move people from places of shame to places of bold self-acceptance. She’s even offering a free resource to listeners of this week’s podcast because she wants everyone to begin the powerful journey of self-love in their own lives!


Learn more about Susyn by visiting her website at 

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