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Episode 55: Domestic Violence: The Lobster Who Doesn’t Realize It Is Boiling

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Everyone resonates with a story like Tiphany Kane’s. Tiphany grew up in a patriarchal family dictated by religion. Though she left the church at 20, the relationship foundations she learned stayed with her. Tiphany went above and beyond to make her marriage work, and abuse wasn’t enough to make her leave.


After a life-changing event, Tiphany realized that her marriage was toxic and needed to end. As she faced the financially devastating journey of divorce, Tiphany realized how important it is to also keep her family intact. It hasn’t been easy, but Tiphany has done her best to keep her children and their father on good terms.


Today, Tiphany looks back and is glad she had the foresight to see that abuse is complicated, and more often than not, it’s hard to make “the decision” to leave. Through the twists and turns, she’s developed an empowering message on handling abuse and making the most out of co-parenting.


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