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Episode 56: This Is What Your Kids Are Thinking: A Divorced Kid Shares Her Thoughts

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After experiencing the divorce of her parents at the age of 3, Bella decided she wanted to become a voice for the people out there who also have been through a divorce. She has become an advocate for many. Although she believes every story is different, she is using her words on her website to help those who have also experienced a divorce. She believes that she did not have the skills to properly cope with the effects of divorce, so her life now is dedicated to showing others how to cope, speak about their story, and to find comfort that many out there are going through similar situations.   Her posts on her BLOG []  share the experiences she has dealt with. Many are the struggles of conflict, handling holidays with two homes, and navigating how society deals with divorced children. In her well-written words, she often validates the feelings of children of divorced parents and shares her experience with forgiveness. Bella’s words, whether written or spoken, have brought hope, encouragement, and truth to those who are also known as “kid with two homes.”


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