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Episode 62: How I Set an Amicable Tone in My Divorce

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“Amicable” is not a word that many divorcees use to describe their divorce processes. However, Jessica Klingbaum has gone through not just one, but two divorces that both ended amicably on good terms. So, how did she do it? That is the question we explore on this week’s podcast.


Jessica’s first marriage ended when her husband was caught having an affair, and although that was emotionally devastating for Jessica, it was important to her that they end their divorce on good terms for the sake of their two kids. Through humility and hard work on both sides, along with Jessica’s own positive attitude and strength, she and her ex remain friends. Her second marriage didn’t end quite so dramatically. Instead, she came to the realization a couple of years in that she was feeling depressed, anxious, and just kind of blue all of the time. She had to ask herself if she wanted her kids to experience their last years at home with a mom who was not herself, or a mom who was joyful and full of life–and she and her husband made the hard choice to end the marriage for the sake of their individual happiness.


Jessica is a former Emmy-nominated TV producer, co-founder of the online digital media community exEXPERTS, and co-host of the podcast Divorce etc... Jessica is also a certified aromatherapist and devoted advocate of essential oils, which she began using after getting divorced in order to relax and find calm amid the chaos. Her story is one you will want to be sure to listen to, as she has lots more wisdom to share with us about journeying divorce well.


Learn more about Jessica by visiting her website at www.exexperts.comYou can also find her on social media:
@exexperts (IG)


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