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Beauty Outsider: Wander Beauty with Divya Gugnani

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On this episode of Beauty Outsider, I get the opportunity to speak with Divya Gugnani, the founder of Wander Beauty, a company specializing in cosmetics for the intrepid traveler. We discuss her company, her personal career journey, and beauty hits and misses.

Divya got her start working in finance at Goldman Sachs, then went on to train at the French Culinary institute before building various companies. It is through owning and selling various companies that Divya gained the experience to create Wander Beauty and build it into a successful business. Join us as she shares some great insight for beauty aficionados and entrepreneurs alike.

Today’s Topics:

  • “Wander” women
  • How Wander provides luxury to the average consumer
  • Building a partnership
  • Divya’s career journey
  • Streamlining your beauty routine for travel
  • Finding the beauty in other places and cultures
  • Sourcing product ingredients
  • Beauty trends on the rise
  • Korean beauty trends
  • Worst travel mishaps
  • Best moisturizers that should come in travel sizes
  • Leveraging social media
  • Wander’s method for product testing
  • The future of Wander
  • Advice for beauty entrepreneurs


 “Whatever the day may bring, you can take your Wander products with you.” -Divya Gugnani

 “One piece of the brand that is distinctly ours is that we believe in global inspiration.” -Divya Gugnani


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