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Beauty Outsider: Glow Recipe with Christine Chang

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Today I sit down with Christine Chang of Glow Recipe, a Korean Beauty brand curator. Glow Recipe specializes in natural and clean K-Beauty skin care products and seeks to widen the scope of the Korean skin care market.

Christine spent a decade working for L’Oreal before starting Glow Recipe. Glow Recipe is now a top distributor of international beauty products and has contracts with many major beauty retailers, such as Sephora and Ulta. Listen in as we discuss Glow Recipe’s mission and why the Korean skin care market it blowing up.

Today’s Topics:

  • The importance of “skin health”
  • Christine’s most memorable beauty lesson
  • Glow’s mission as a beauty curator
  • Glow’s target customer base
  • Korean skin care innovation
  • What drives the Korean beauty market
  • Choosing products that produce positive results
  • Challenges of being an international brand that has headquarters in New York
  • Beauty in translation
  • Competing on “Shark Tank”
  • The future of Glow Recipe


“Our number one thing that we look for in curation is really a point of difference… We’re just always on the look for brands that offer innovations…” -Christine Chang

“Korean manufacturers, because they have such a strong local customer base… [it's] a market that innovates at hyper-speed.” -Christine Chang

“We wanted to make sure that these efficacious, natural, wonderful brands were also being given visibility and having a voice in the U.S., as well.” -Christine Chang


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