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Beauty Outsider: Fur with Lillian Tung

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Today’s episode will feature another interview I did while on site at the CEW Conference. However, there is a bit of a twist: the guest is a High School classmate who also found herself a late-comer to the beauty industry. Lillian Tung, co-founder of Fur, a pubic hair care line, discusses how she got into the beauty business and how she promotes her brilliantly niche product.

While in China, Lillian Tung did TV broadcasting. She was inspired by her makeup artists and found the beauty world intriguing. She went to business school and ended up at L’Oreal. From there, she met her partners and founded Fur. Because of her path, Lillian has a lot of interesting insights into start-ups and the beauty industry in general. Join us as we discuss what it is like to be beauty outsiders.


  • How she broke the news of becoming an entrepreneur to her family
  • What celebrity endorsement can do for your brand
  • Launching Fur
  • Being a beauty outsider and how it may affect success
  • Branding
  • A day in the life of a beauty entrepreneur



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