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Beauty Outsider: Paintbox with Eleanor Langstong

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On today’s episode, I get the chance to sit down with Eleanor Langston, the CEO and founder of nail art studio, Paintbox. We discuss how Paintbox stays ahead of the curve and keeps nail art designs current.

Eleanor Langston got her start working in the magazine industry. She worked as the beauty editor for Fitness, Self, and Cosmopolitan magazines. Taking the knowledge she gained as a beauty editor, Eleanor set out to create a one-of-a-kind nail art studio that gives clients a unique and relaxing experience. Join us as we discuss her business and nail art trends.

Today’s Topics: 

  • Eleanor’s first experience with the beauty industry
  • The mission statement for Paintbox
  • Manicure trends
  • The inception of Paintbox
  • Paintbox’s target audience
  • Appealing to their customer base
  • Staying current with and identifying trends
  • Preparing a business to outlast trends
  • Upcoming collections at Paintbox
  • Picking the right location for your brand
  • The future of Paintbox


“There is no age limit…or barrier to getting cool things done on your nails…” -Eleanor Langston

“We’re really trying to help women step out of their comfort zone.” -Eleanor Langston

“We brought editorial touches to manicures and really made nail art approachable…” -Eleanor Langston



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