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Beauty Outsider: Laura Geller

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On the 20th anniversary of her brand, I sat down with makeup icon and entrepreneur, Laura Geller. We discussed everything from her start in the business, to the philosophy behind her line, product creation and distribution, customer education, and even parenting.

Though Laura got her start working as a theatrical makeup artist, she built her brand around teaching Upper East Side woman how to do their own makeup and find their own beauty. Her storefront transcended a beauty studio to become a local hangout. Laura took this love of educating her customer to QVC, and her business has been growing ever since.

“My path wasn’t something that was plotted out, but more based on the demand of what people were asking for.” -Laura Geller


  • Laura’s early experiences working in Film, TV, and Theater
  • The philosophy of the Laura Geller makeup brand
  • On creating your own products
  • The big thing that changed her brand forever
  • Different ways to reach/educate customers
  • QVC
  • Being a mother and a thriving beauty icon

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