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Beauty Outsider: Carol's Daughter with Lisa Price

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On today’s episode, I record live from the CEW conference in order to speak with Lisa Pryce, the founder of Carol’s Daughter. We dig into the issues of building a beauty business and how Lisa was not only able to build her success, but find a work/life balance.

Carol’s Daughter started in Lisa’s kitchen as a way to give family and friends original, homemade gifts. Eventually, she began selling her products at craft fairs and flea markets. When she realized she had a successful line of products, Lisa slowly built her business up to what it is today. After a twenty year journey, Carol’s Daughter was acquired by L’Oreal.

Today’s Topics:

  • Lisa’s first beauty experience
  • How TV production prepared her for entrepreneurship
  • How starting a business affects those around you
  • Transitioning from an at-home business to a national brand
  • Closing stores to make the business stronger
  • Selling to L’Oreal
  • Surrounding yourself with honest people, not just “Yes Men”
  • Learning from failures


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