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Episode 64: Is.Complete.Perfect

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Dear Friend, The Toad came to visit again…this time in an even higher dose than I described in episode one of this Podcast.

A week later, it hasn’t left me.

I pray that this episode touches you, the audience, in a place that allows you to experience what I am living through now.

The field behind everything we think is real cannot be described in words…but if I were to put a name on it…I would call it love.

If I could give any of you a gift, it would be the annihilation of ALL of your beliefs. I would give you a righteous death. It would be my absolute pleasure to kill the you that you think is you.

Of course, the initiation is seeking true WILL in the ever-living moment. And if you get to the bottom of it, there is a laugh waiting for you that is the BIG BANG that created ALL you can ever experience.

The COSMIC JOKE is hilarious beyond any stretch of the imagination. And when we get it…all that’s left is ecstasy and a sense of fulfilled rapture that opens the doors to ACTUAL LIFE. May this episode do something for you.

Is. Complete. Perfect.


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