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Episode 57 - Ch-Ch-Changes

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Many of you have been asking me lately if I am still married. No. I found out in January that my marriage had ended. Of course, I went through a lot of sadness and confusion for about six weeks. And as I emerged from the haze, I quickly discovered that life supports me perfectly when I honor it precisely as it unfolds, without being a whiny, little unaccountable bitch.

We always have a choice of CHARACTER when interacting with the moment. Choosing to meet each moment with as much dignity and composure as possible has led to a divorce that minimally affected the children and where my ex and I still manage to get along. And so, we have left the Beach Villa that supported us for the past 25 months.

I am so fired up to see where this next chapter of life leads my sons and me. So far, it has been nothing short of marvellous. Also, I have resumed offering 1:1 training on competently navigating psyche. These past eight months have tested everything I know about the areas of life we control vs. those in which we have no control.

I am honored to proclaim that the principles of the training ring true in the face of the most ardent adversity. I am working with two clients and only have the bandwidth and desire to take on five at any given time. The level of care that I provide for people that fervently desire to make dramatic changes in their behaviors and ways of framing life.

If you want one of the three open spots, contact me. I also have a course available on understanding how the tree of life works and how understanding archetypal embodiment is a super-hack to creating the life of your dreams.

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