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Episode 56 - Dark Necessities

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When I woke up this morning, I could hear the waves thundering down on the shore. My immediate thought was, “Fuck yeah! The swell is here! It’s pumping!” Then a smile came across my face as my hand slipped between me and the blanket and felt a different type of pumping swell.

There is energy specific to that area of my body…it is from where I created my sons, and it is the same energy that, when harnessed properly, will plant the seeds to create my reality. I wake up every day with that energy flowing, pumping, and swelling…but for some reason, today was the first time I consciously harnessed that energy into my intentions for what I wish to create today.

Every day starts and ends in the middle of the night…at midnight. Each day emerges from the dark, burning brightest at an apex before retreating into the night. Winter gives birth to Spring before the heat of Summer gives way to Fall. And where does the energy of creation come, if not the depths of darkness?

The first time I was held down in quadruple overhead waves, there was a moment where I said, “Oh, shit! I am out of my element and think I made a big mistake!” For a minute, I wondered if I would make it home to see my kids again. When the ocean finally released me back to the surface, I was able to gasp in some oxygen…I found a level of energy, focus, and power that I rarely experience.

Out of the darkness of despair, hopelessness, shame, guilt, hate, rage, and deep sorrow…there is a superpower waiting to be tapped. I go into this in much more detail in this Episode of Musings from the Line-up.

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