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Episode 63 - F&#k Passionately, Dear Friend

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In surfing, one of the best mental reminders I carry with me, especially when surfing waves of consequence, is - “Where the eyes go, I go.”

Look down, go down. Look right, go right. Look left, go left. And, of course, when nothing is going right, surf lefts. What applies in one thing applies to all things. Law is law. Our inner eyes can focus or go to sleep. Unaware consciousness is a behavior where the individual is animated like a marionette…a program pulls the strings to impregnate potentiality with ITS will…not yours. Awareness of consciousness creates currency…or, for this example - CAPITAL.

Your experiences are of your own doing…your creation. All life, all creation is born from fucking. When True Will penetrates the receptive field of potentiality…the child possesses many predictable characteristics. All is Mind, my fair-weathered friends. And MIND is constantly fucking itself. Will we fuck passionately with focus and presence? Will we sometimes make sweet love and get sweaty and wild other times? Or will we lay flaccid and dull, allowing the program to create a reality like the disconnected screens filled with porn?

We can learn a lot about who we are by paying attention to how, where, when, who, and why we fuck. The occultist has the competency to see the metaphor in one aspect of life to build a tool for all aspects of life. Fuck passionately, my friends. One Love 


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